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By Mulengera Reporters

If you didn’t know why ex-Tourism Minister the flamboyant Godfrey Kiwanda doesn’t appear on NBS TV’s Barometer program every Tuesday evening anymore, just reads this. It has been revealed that after losing the EALA MP race to James Kakooza, Kiwanda (who even Gen Museveni had endorsed) became extremely disgruntled and threatened to expose members of the powerful mafia gang in the NRM government.

The modestly popular politician from Mityana had assured his supporters among members of the NRM caucus that he would use the media platforms, generously available to him, to expose those who undermined not just him but many other young cadres to avenge the President’s love for them. Kiwanda vowed to go down fighting even after the EALA debacle.

And fast forward, fearing the NBS Barometer was among those platforms he was most likely going to use to rant and vent out his anger, his adversaries inside the system plotted to upstage him and they actually succeeded. On the fateful day, Kiwanda prepared to attend the Barometer show and he indeed travelled to Naguru only to be crudely intercepted by mean-looking security operatives who assured him he wasn’t going to be permitted on the NBS program anymore. At least never to appear there as frequently as he used to.

“Assuring him he wasn’t as important as he takes himself to be, the men vigorously dragged Hon Kiwanda away from the NBS premises. He kept shouting ‘banange temunzitta [don’t strangle me] I was invited and lets verify that from the producer Sam Ibanda Mugabi’ but the men wouldn’t hear any of that,” says a privy source adding that a tearful Kiwanda has since accepted his unenviable fate and must console himself by remaining only CEC member and NRM chairman for Buganda region.

On the Barometer program, his slot has effectively been taken by equally youthful Haruna Kasolo who is the Minister in charge of the Emyoga program [which Betty Nambooze, cheeky as always, likes as Minisita w’ebinusu nejjegejjege [coins and small currency notes].” Staying away from Barometer means Kiwanda will continue missing not only the limelight and the resultant celebrity status but also the Shs400,000 each of the panellists earns per appearance. He joins the likes of Salaam Musumba, Tamale Mirundi, Miria Matembe, Frank Gashumba, Harod Kaija and others who exited the coveted NBS TV platform much earlier on grounds that powerful people in the governing system weren’t comfortable having them there anymore.(For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at






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