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By Mulengera Reporter

Archbishop Samuel Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu, the head of Uganda’s Anglican Church, has delivered his 2020 Easter Message, appealing to Ugandans to refrain from spreading gossip and fake news on social media, and announcing all Church of Uganda (CoU) dioceses will hold special thanksgiving services after Covid19 lockdown.

The Archbishop urged social media users to utilize the networking sites in ways that glorify God and encourage man, especially as the country battles the deadly Covid19 disease, and the effects of preventive measures taken by Government.

“I also want to encourage each one of us to use social media responsibly and in a God-honouring way. Before you forward something, please verify whether or not it is true. Do not circulate gossip or fake news,” pleaded Archbishop Kaziimba. “Let’s use social media to encourage one another with the good news of Easter – that Jesus is alive. He has conquered sin and death, and he set us free to build up and encourage one another in following the way of Jesus.”

The servant of God also alerted the Anglican Church leaders to prepare for mega services to appreciate the Almighty for remaining faithful to the country, and the earth, during the Covid19 pandemic.

“I am calling all dioceses and churches in the entire Church of Uganda to plan for a massive General Thanksgiving the first Sunday after the restriction for gathering in public worship is lifted. When that day comes – and I am sure that it WILL come – we must all come together to thank God for what He has done,” stated Kaziimba.

He further called on security operatives not to “beat your fellow Ugandans as if they were animals” while enforcing curfew and lockdown directives issued by President Yoweri Museveni.

Meanwhile, the cleric praised President Museveni, Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, and all healthcare professionals for their efforts geared at preventing the spread of Coronavirus thus far. He added that Easter season prayers would be dedicated to the head-of-state, his wife and other family members, Government, Health Ministry officials and healthcare personnel, people in areas affected by the latest invasion of desert locusts, and security officers, among other Ugandans.

He equally rallied all Ugandans to share the little they have with the vulnerable poor since government efforts to donate food might just be a drop in the ocean.

“In the midst of these challenges, we appreciate the government’s efforts to distribute food to those directly impacted by the lockdown. It’s a difficult exercise and the food may not reach everyone who really needs it,” he noted. “As this is Easter season, however, we call upon Ugandans to do what we normally do and share the little you have with others, especially the disabled and the orphans and widows in our communities.”

Acknowledging that most people were unsure of what tomorrow held, Kaziimba encouraged Ugandans to choose love and hope over fear.

“Many people right now are afraid. Apart from the coronavirus, we have our fears about how to find money for school fees and food; we fear our job security; we still have concerns about politics and the upcoming elections; churches are fearing where their income will come from when Christians are not allowed to gather on Sundays. And, now, we also have fears because of the return of the locusts in northern Uganda, Karamoja, and Teso,” explained the Archbishop.

“These fears are like stones in our heart. The Lord said to the women who went to the tomb looking for Jesus, ‘Do not be afraid.’ He’s saying the same thing to us today: ‘Do not be afraid.’ Let the stones of fear in your life be rolled away. Jesus is alive, and because he lives, we can face tomorrow.”

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