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By Mulengera Reporters

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda has vowed to die with ISO Director General Frank Kaka Bagyenda. Mwenda says he has been clandestinely investigating torture at the Bagyenda-era ISO and his findings are going to make everyone shocked. He says he secretly gained access to two Kaka-manned safe houses in Kyengera and one in Sese Islands at a place called Namayuba. In a media TV interview, Mwenda said at Namayuba over 120 people (most of them with nothing to do with politics) are being kept and subjected to very dehumanizing torture throughout the night.

Mwenda, who is also an influential quasi advisor to the President, says he has captured very graphic evidence both in video and audio-recorded confessions. “Many of them are businessmen in Kikuubo who ended there because of business rivalry. How do you do something like that? I know its going to be risky but I can tell you we are going to fight this Kaka and we must win,” said Mwenda stressing that the day his serialized newspaper and televised torture reports commence, people at ISO will wish the ground swallowed them.

The man from Kanyandahi added that they will regret the day they were born. “I’m here on this show and putting you Kaka on notice. It’s going to be total war. And I’m here you can send your thugs to waylay me as I drive from the studio back home at my house,” he said. “I’m ready to die but this must be exposed because those who remain will carry on the job of exposing torture by your thugs in ISO.”

Mwenda, who must be conflicted on the Kaka issue having been a strong ally of ex-IGP Gen Kayihura who Kaka investigated and caused problems under Gen Tumukunde’s patronage, said the day he begins exposing the graphic torture videos by ISO is the day many Ugandans will realize that he remains useful in the fight against impunity and that he isn’t the Museveni sycophant many of them take him for.

“These are things I want us to partner with these opposition young leaders like Medard Lubega Segona and Semujju Nganda here. My only difference with them is that we don’t need the American intervene. This Kaka is ours and we must fight and end him here. That is what we are going to use to demonstrate to the world that Ugandans can actually sort out human rights violators themselves.” Mwenda was speaking on a TV show Thursday night where he appeared with Nganda, Segona and Norbert Mao.


If there is anything Mwenda and his foe Tamale Mirundi inadvertently find themselves on the same page about is their active contempt for Kaka. Mirundi too on Friday morning drove to Ps Joseph Serwadda’s Impact fm where he announced declaration of war against Kaka. Mirundi said Kaka had initially been a good man but lost it the moment he accepted to be captured by the PPS Molly Kamukama and something he called “sobilization.”

Mirundi said the fact that they both have business interests in Kalangala led Kaka to accept to be owned by Molly Kamukama to whom he owes his appointment as the powerful ISO boss. He said permitting former self-confessed criminals like Sobi to take charge of many things has led Kaka into the torture crisis that has seen MPs condemn him and refuse to fund his budget next FY.

Mirundi says Kaka is a good man whose subordinates have used the ISO office to meddle into business rivalries. “Even ESO has safe houses and even his predecessor Ronnie Balya operated them too. The problem is sobilization which has resulted into these safe houses becoming centers to torture business rivals. They get hired to recover debts on behalf of business foes and that’s why everyone is up in arms,” said Mirundi.

“Why do you put criminals in charge of ISO operations? Where does that happen and you don’t end up with sobilization? That exactly is what happened in the Movit boss’ case; they said they have a report implicating him in the Budo fire but up to now it has never reached DPP…The criminals in charge will use the office to scare former fellow criminals that if you don’t give us so much money, we are coming for you and that’s the reason criminals should never be recruited into security offices.” Without elaborating, Mirundi faulted Kaka also for not adequately investing in publicity and doubted there is anything line Minister Elly Tumwine (who he said was proud and modestly educated) can do to deescalate the current PR crisis facing Kaka. (For comments, call/text us on 0200900416 or email us at 




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