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By Mulengera Reporters 

To her credit, the new Vice President Major Jessica Alupo is a generous unifier who easily forgives adversaries, burying hatchet and likes moving on very fast. All these credentials combined explain the unanimity with which the key sub region leaders have welcomed her elevation to the VP office.

Speaking to the media in Soroti on Wednesday morning following her Tuesday night posting, Alupo implied it’s true she has been wronged by many political adversaries (who worked hard to politically obliterate her in the last 5 years she quietly in her Oigo Imumwa village) but won’t be using the leverage coming with being VP to revenge against anyone.

She called for cessation of hostilities and perfect political unity among the Teso political class so as to amplify service delivery. This statement exhibits broad-mindedness, political prudency and the Itesots have so far been unanimous in embracing their daughter’s new posting. It’s also true the Itesots crave pomp and glam that comes with such big positions and in Alupo’s case the VP thing is being perceived as unprecedented political empowerment because its first time since Uganda came to be that one of their own (not just a woman) is becoming Vice President.

Gen Museveni has reaped so much political dividend to the extent that even his archrival Patrick Oboi Amuriat of FDC couldn’t risk urinating on the Alupo parade. “I had promised Iteso senior positions in my government if I had won the last elections because the current regime had neglected us yet we have people with potential. I therefore welcome the appointment of my sister Alupo and want her to serve the interests of the people,” Amuriat was quoted by State-owned New Vision as saying.

He also demanded that Alupo uses the new position to assert the right of Teso sub region to benefit from the national cake and genuine empowerment that results from being tax-paying citizens of Uganda as opposed to being a Gilbert Bukenya-like sycophant and boot licker of Gen YK Museveni. Actually, Museveni’s posting of Alupo in the VP office makes more realistic the prospect of an Itesot ever becoming President were a Tanzania-like scenario to happen (God forbid).

In a media release, the Teso cultural institution head Emorimor Augustine Osuban and his Prime Minister Augustine Okurut Omare equally welcomed the Alupo appointment and thanked Gen Museveni for doing the sub region proud by making one of their own Vice President which had never happened since the existence of Uganda.

The Emorimor asserted that the generosity with which Gen Museveni treated their workaholic daughter Jessica Alupo by making her VP could only be an outcome of divine intervention whereby it’s God who answered the sub region’s decades’ old prayer through the man from Rwakitura.

The cultural chief also referenced on other senior Teso politicians who have eaten big in the new Museveni government including Deputy Speaker Anita Among and several cabinet ministers including Jeje Odongo who was made Minister of Foreign Affairs replacing the elderly Sam Kutesa and while leaving flamboyant diplomat Adonia Ayebare (who many believed was next in the queue) with an egg on his face.

Other Ministers designate from Teso include Musa Ecweru, Hellen Adoa, Sidronius Olupot Okasai and others. The Emorimor says the sub region is grateful to Gen Museveni for all these and more. The two cultural leaders, the chief and his PM, are convinced that the pro-people Alupo (also an excellent mobilizer) is pregnant with brilliant ideas whose amplification and funding by Gen YK Museveni will lead to economic transformation of Teso.

For Soroti Archdeaconry Archdeacon Rev Michael Okwir Eskakan now is the best time to be Iteso because of the love Gen Museveni has showered the Teso sub region with. That the good news isn’t only in relation to Alupo, the politically most elevated child of Teso since independence, being made VP but also in the fact that the high number of Ministers Gen Museveni has picked from the sub region is simply unprecedented. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 












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