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By Mulengera Reporters 

This is proof that in Gen Museveni’s is one place where things will always happen the way the Head of State and country’s chief executive desires. Just imagine that eight of the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries had their names proclaimed and unveiled to the public, as new office bearers, without being subjected to mandatory interviews as the same is required under the Constitution. This simply means that the all-powerful man from Rwakitura, used to nothing but getting it his own way always without being contradicted by anybody including highly paid lawyers and bureaucrats around him, will be expecting guys at Public Service to do the cleanup and make his appointments look perfect, okay and in order whereas not.

It has since emerged that some of the people whose names appeared on the list of PSs (on the night of Thursday July 15th) just heard their names being read on radio and TV without ever going through any interview process! Some of the legislators we spoke to called this sad and opted to remain anonymous fearing reprisals because they are NRM but the painful truth is that simply is how powerful, final and all-knowing Gen Museveni has become. This has led to fears that public-spirited Kampala lawyer Male Mabirizi, renowned for challenging such controversial appointments and inappropriate exercise of executive power by Gen Museveni, might soon run to court filing a suit challenging and seeking to invalidate these appointments by the country’s chief executive.

“He [Male Mabirizi] is our only hope now because being members of the NRM, there is nothing we can do about these things yet even our colleagues in the opposition are currently too resigned, complacent and fortune-hunting we can’t expect much rubble-rousing or eve whistle blowing from them over this issue,” says a clearly aggrieved NRM MP who also belongs to the Appointments Committee of Parliament charged with scrutinizing key Presidential appointments though approving PSs isn’t part of their mandate. Indeed sources say that it was upon the realization that an illegality had been committed that a quick U-turn was made requiring new Clerk to Parliament Adolf Mwesige, who Gen Museveni had wanted to assume office immediately because he was furious and couldn’t stand Jane Kibirige anymore, to keep away from office to create time for his posting to first be sanitized through an interface with Public Service as mandated under the Constitution and other laws.

Otherwise Gen Museveni, well aware that nobody can effectively stand in his way or stop him, had initially decreed that he immediately moves into office. Desire to overcome the vacuum in the office of Clerk to Parliament prompted the authorities at Parliament to designate someone to be serving in acting capacity as the Adolf Mwesige recruitment process was being cleaned up in order to comply with procedural and legal requirements. Indeed, this Friday morning the man from Bunyangabu sneaked into the office of Public Service where (merely as a matter of ritual) he was subjected to some form of interview process merely for cleanup purposes.

Deeply knowledgeable sources have since intimated to Mulengera News that Gen Museveni has so much confidence in Adolf Mwesige (in his 50s) he looks forward to having him being mentored into a future head of Public Service/Cabinet Secretary implying Lucy Nakyobe’s days may not be many in that job which she is inheriting from Mzee John Mitala whose disgraceful knifing has continued to rattle many people.  

As part of the broader sanitization and clean up exercise, an arrangement has since been made, at the prompting of the same Gen Museveni (fearful that Male Mabirizi could swing and have everybody involved including State House lawyers like Flora Kiconco and new AG Kiwanuka Kiryowa for dinner) to have the right thing done which is the interviewing of some of the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries who next Tuesday will undergo the mandatory written interview and some oral interviewing as well in the first week of August (next month). Thereafter, the cleanup exercise will be presumed concluded and the designated Permanent Secretaries (who now legally can’t execute any business committing government) will effectively take office and begin serving the people of Uganda as per the wishes of Gen YK Museveni.

Some of the new PSs include State House Comptroller Jane Barekye, Gen David Kyomukama Kasura, Ketty Lamaro, Irene Batebe, Dr. Ramathan Ggoobi, Gen Joseph Musanyufu and Dr. Aminah Zawedde just to mention a few. Whereas the appointments were already made by the President and the same made known to the public through the President’s own social media communication of 15th July, sources close to PPS Dr. Kenneth Omona Olusegun say that Public Service has been asked to “assess” the same new PSs and “accordingly advise the appointing authority.” (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at 







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