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By Mulengera Reporters 

If you thought, Kawempe North MP-elect Mohammed Segirinya was the only troubled NUP MP, just read this. His counterpart Denis Sekabira (Katikamu North) is evidently faced with even worse adversity over alleged forgery and criminal conduct. Information on Kibuli CID police General Inquiries File (GEF) indicates that the National ID Sekabira has been using is nothing but a fake that resulted from his willful acts of forgery.

This same information, implicating the NUP MP into forgery, has since been corroborated by NIRA Executive Director Brig Stephen Kwiringira who confirms that Sekabira has never been issued with the National ID he has always been carrying with himself. The implication is that the very flamboyant NUP MP must have made one for himself in order to circumvent and overcome NIRA bureaucracy. Kwiringira wrote his clarification after court issued an order directing and authorizing inspection of all documents relating to Sekabira’s registration with NIRA for purposes of acquiring a National ID.

Issued by the Kakiri Chief Magistrates Court, the inspection order was issued for purposes of facilitating and smoothening the other broader criminal investigations Sekabira is facing under criminal case No. CRB716/2018 and the same is being coordinated by CID operatives based at their Kibuli headquarters. Kwiringira confirms that on 17th August 2020, Sekabira completed the process of name rectification (from Sekabira Denis to Sekabira Denes) and the subsequent ID issuance, supposed to be done at NIRA’s Kampala Central offices, has never been effected.

Ironically, the ill-fated Sekabira used the same forged information for purposes of getting himself onto the voters register as a voter (later on a candidate) and this same now disputed ID is what he used in all his dealings with the Electoral Commission. Its part of the reason NRM CEC member Gadafy Nasur is challenging his victory and is hopping for nothing but a win through the judicial system. And don’t be surprised if Gadafy ends up becoming MP in circumstances similar to what befell Nansana Municipality’s Nsereko Wakayima paving way for NRM’s Kasule Ssebunya.

The inquiry into the authenticity of Sekabira’s personal identification documents commenced when a commercial dispute arose between Equity Bank on one hand and the owners of Luwero-based Everest Schools on the other. Briefly here is what happened: The school defaulted on its loan obligations due to COVID19-related constraints and was subsequently advertised before controversially being sold to Sekabira whose capacity to have such money (close to Shs3bn) was disputed by the school owners. They claimed that the streetwise Sekabira was merely being used as a proxy of some officials in the bank.

The matter was subsequently filed in the Commercial Division of the High Court in Kampala where the School owners disputed the entire transaction between Sekabira and the bank. They asserted that there was no valuation report and that the procedural rules governing public auctioning of such mortgaged properties weren’t followed. They also asserted there was plenty of forgery and fraud committed all aimed at unfairly depriving them of their School. It was also claimed that the School was curiously sold to Sekabira at a time the pending balance was under Shs700m yet its value was in billions.


Gratefully, this is a matter Mulengera News has previously reported about as seen hereunder;;; At the same time, the Police opened parallel investigations into the authenticity of the documents used to facilitate the Everest School-related dealings between Sekabira and Equity Bank officials.

The latest pronouncement by NIRA ED Kwiringira has emboldened the owners of the Luwero School whose earlier claim was that the Equity Bank transaction, resulting into Sekabira becoming the new owner of their School, was null and void because it was (in a larger measure) based on inauthentic identification documents. The NIRA development must indeed be very exciting to these Sekabira/Equity Bank rivals because on Tuesday 6th April, the Commercial Division of the High Court Registrar Justine Buchana issued an injunction requiring him, as new owner, to keep away from the School until the main suit, in which the entire transaction is being disputed, is heard and disposed of.

Yet beyond these civil proceedings (by both the School owners and political rival Gadafy Nasur of the NRM CEC), Sekabira is also being pursued through the criminal justice system, a thing that has raised fears that the state might, leveraging on the latest forgery confirmation by NIRA, have him arrested and remanded to Kitalya prison. And this case of forging state documents, like the National ID only issuable by the authorized body which is NIRA, could get the casual legislator languish in Luzira or Kitalya on conviction for not less than 10 years. All said and done, this brother needs enormous prayers because clearly this isn’t going to be an easy season for him.   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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