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By Mulengera Reporters

Leaders in the Northern Uganda Acholi district of Amuru have castigated UWA bosses for selfishly frustrating development and transformation of their area by blocking a 14km road project worth Shs1.9bn.

Amuru LC5 chairman Mike Lakony says the very important road links Bombay to Kampala landing site in Amuru Sub County. That the project works have been disrupted since December 2019 prompting the contractor to ask for additional costs resulting from idleness of the machinery that had already been mobilized onto the site.

Funded under the OPM intervention called Project for Restoration of Livelihood in Northern Uganda (PRELNOR), the project is being constructed by a company called Davrich Construction Ltd. Covering between East Madi Game Reserve and nearby Amuru areas, the road also enables Amuru residents travel to the Madhvani Sugar Factory for work. Lakony says the UWA sabotage has financially put hundreds of such laborers to extreme disadvantage.

Lakony says he has written numerous letters to UWA but it’s bosses have indifferently ignored him creating extreme detriment for his people. It’s also true that the delayed 14km road project has created grievances that will no doubt impact on the President’s electoral fortunes come 2021 in the politically very volatile district of Amuru.

Delayed delivery of the road could cause the district lose the allocated Shs1.9bn as it will have to be returned to CF yet Daily Monitor quotes UWA spokesman Bashir Hangi as saying UWA isn’t sabotaging Amuru.

That all they are demanding for is the environmental impact assessment certificate from NEMA because the road project partly affects their tourism facilities in the East Madi Game Reserve in Adjumani district. Whereas Lakony says the EIA was done and validated by NEMA, Hangi says this has never been brought to their attention as UWA.

Unlike Lakony and his Amuru councilors who are angry, pessimistic and spitting fire, Amuru district CAO Omonda Onyono and District Engineer Raymond Luwita are hopeful that the continued dialogue between UWA and their mother Ministry of Local Government in Kampala will lead to some amicable resolution of the problem so that the all-important political road is finally delivered to the long suffering peoples of Amuru. Otherwise the stalemate risks complicating the symbiotic relationship between UWA and the nearby communities which isn’t good for business, conservation and sustainable use efforts. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994 or email us at



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