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By Mulengera Reporters 

Kimanya-Kabonera MP-elect Dr. Abed Bwanika has this Saturday morning amplified his tribal talk while claiming that politicians from Buganda will continue to be deliberately marginalized and the earlier they realize that, the better. Bwanika says that the fact that Edward Sekandi’s home area of Kyanamukaka remains underdeveloped even when he has been Speaker and Vice President for all these years, is proof that no politician from Buganda can wield real political power under the current political environment. He then faulted Semujju Nganda for prematurely offering himself for Speakership well knowing he stands no chance in the current political circumstances.

“Who becomes Speaker will have to be determined in CEC of the NRM where Semujju is unwanted and there is no way he can stand any chance. This is something I’m sure he knows very well,” said Bwanika who was understood by everybody on the CBS Saturday panel to be a supporter of Jacob Oulanyah. He also implied that Kadaga, who he said hasn’t done much for Busoga, is in big trouble because the mighty in CEC dislike and are uncomfortable with her just like is the case with Semujju Nganda.

Bwanika predicted that the conspiracy against politicians from Buganda will soon be manifesting even in his own NUP party because his intelligence information indicates that the person Robert Kyagulanyi is considering to choose for the LoP position isn’t from Buganda but somewhere else.

Bwanika also responded to claims that he is being considered for inclusion in Gen Museveni’s next Cabinet asserting that such rumors are originated by haters from within NUP in order to diminish his suitability for the LoP position. That many Ugandans perceive him as the most suitable for the LoP position and the best way haters within NUP can justify his alienation is by portraying him as a Musevenist with potential to be part of the next Cabinet.

Continuing to portray himself as belonging to the marginalized in both terms of religion and tribe, Bwanika wondered why members of the Pentecostal movement, to which he belongs, are never prioritized by President Museveni when he is choosing his cabinet the way he does when it comes to Catholics, Muslims and Anglicans.

On the issue of Semujju Nganda standing any chance to become Speaker, Abed Bwanika asserted that winner is known and that can only be his man Jacob Oulanyah or Rebecca Kadaga in the alternative and not anyone from the opposition. That the NRM’s CEC, which will sit to determine the next Speaker, comprises of members who hate Semujju Nganda because he isn’t NRM.

Bwanika said insisting to run against Oulanyah and Kadaga implies that Semujju Nganda has some hidden agenda in the race but not to win. And Bwanika implored Med Nsereko, the moderator, to invite Semujju Nganda and interrogate him about his objectives for the position of Speaker. “He must tell us what his objective is because his motive is clearly not to win and become Speaker because he knows he can’t achieve that.”

Bwanika said that because her Busoga backyard isn’t supposed to produce powerful leaders in Museveni-governed Uganda, Kadaga hasn’t delivered much for Busoga, beyond getting Kamuli become a Municipality, despite the fact that she has been Speaker and Deputy Speaker for the last 20 years. He contrasted that with Jacob Oulanyah, who he described as an excellent leader, who had used the position of Deputy Speaker for the last 10 years to ensure Gulu blossoms as a rapidly growing city in the Northern region. “I know Jacob Oulanyah and his capacity very well. He is a very excellent leader except that he has been obstructed for too long. The day he gets that seat of being the Speaker of Parliament, people are going to see what they have been missing,” Bwanika said while likening Oulanyah’s suitability for Speakership to the competence Gen David Muhoozi has exhibited while occupying the top office in Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).

Speaking moments after Bwanika, veteran NRM MP Robert Kasule Sebunya advised the Pentecostal pastor to go slow on his campaign to contradict Kadaga who he said can belligerently fight back after winning the Speakership.

“She is actually a very powerful person than you might think and its better you don’t talk much about her even if she isn’t your candidate. As MP you can fall sick or get arrested somewhere and you require her assistance. If you talked ill of her, they will inform her your honorable so and so is in jail or is badly ill and needs to be evacuated with a chopper from where he is for emergency medication and she will just look the other side and ignore,” Kasule advised. “So, Honorable Abed Bwanika this is advice to you; learn politics of compromise and be silent on certain issues lest you will live to regret those words you are now uttering denouncing some of these top leaders,” Kasule added advising Bwanika to graduate from the politics of talking too much because even inside NUP, the same could land him into big problems.

Agreeing with Kasule Sebunya on the need for politics of moderation and compromise, Mawokota South MP-elect Yusuf Nsibambi, who is vying for the position of Deputy Speakership, confessed that even himself is leveraging on his deep connections at the very top in the NRM as he goes about popularizing his bid because he knows there is no way you can go very far in a House which is numerically so much dominated by the NRM.

Nsibambi said he has good connections in NRM partly because he has taught many big men in the ruling party and government at the Makerere Law School. One of them is the CDF Gen David Muhoozi who Abed Bwanika had earlier on praised for being a very good man who is more than qualified for the position he holds regardless of where he comes from. (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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