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By Mulengera Reporters 

On Monday, a 75-year-old Kampala lawyer stormed the Entebbe home of NGO Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief (CPAR) Managing Director Norah Owaraga demanding that she vacates immediately. Senior Counsel Silver Adoa claimed that he is the heir to the late Eng GW Owaraga who was the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works &Transport.

The deceased fathered both Norah and Adoa but from different mothers. One of the country’s pioneer engineers, GW Owaraga, who even participated in the construction of Entebbe Airport more than 50 years ago, was a very wealthy man and had many wives and 19 children. Of these 9 were girls and 10 boys with Silver Adoa being the oldest. 

He was very wealthy with plenty of property in Kiwafu Entebbe, Nakiwoogo, commercial buildings in Entebbe center, Buziga, Bunga in Kampala and many other places. He also had ranches in Nakasongola and Tororo some of which have since been fraudulently sold off by the older children to total deprivation of the younger ones who Norah Owaraga has been leading in fighting off Adoa and a few other siblings led by a one Harriet Owaraga.

It’s such a high profile family (of the Owaragas) that even fun-loving tourism enthusiast Barbra Adoso (the wife to MTN CEO wim Vanhelleputte) is one of the 19 siblings the deceased left. Eng GW Owaraga was a generous old man who ensured each of his wives was, in writing, allocated a house and large tracts of land to avoid chaos after his death. He equally bequeathed large property to each of his children with Silver Adoa receiving more than 20 acres in the Buziga-Bunga neighborhood in Kampala’s Makindye Division. Much of this has since been sold off with very little remaining (if any).

Sources, quoting a one Christine Aceng, say that the Monday fracas at the Entebbe Kiwafu home only abated after Norah Owaraga rushed to Entebbe Police which deployed men who forcefully dragged her elder brother Silver Adoa away. “He kept shouting saying he had come to take over his house of Entebbe because, he says, it belongs to him as the heir. He demanded that Norah Owaraga vacates and he takes over. He announced he was relocating from wherever he lives to now live in his late father’s house,” says one of the neighbors quoting Christine Aceng who was among those who witnesses the fracas first hand.

The following day Tuesday, Silver Adoa instructed city lawyer Mohammed Mbabazi to write a notice to Norah Owaraga accusing her of all manner of things including illegally bringing her CPAR NGO to occupy the Entebbe Kiwafu premises (the deceased’s house) without paying rent. Mzee Adoa demanded Shs14m saying its arrears of the rent which has been accumulated over time. AA relentless Norah Owaraga contracted city lawyers led by Tom Balinda who have since replied to Mbabazi’s notice asserting that Silver Adoa’s claims are totally false and untrue. CPAR is headquartered in Lira and it’s where Owaraga operates from most of the time as MD only coming to operate in Entebbe very occasionally.

But she sometimes carries some stuff to do some of the CPAR-related errands from the Kiwafu compound the same being her home. Her late father, who she camped in Kiwafu to treat for years preceding his death, bequeathed to her a portion near the residence. And it’s on that other adjacent portion that Norah Owaraga erected her own house. It’s for the occupation and use of all that which Silver Adoa (who recently curiously added the name Owaraga on his names) is demanding that his young sister (Norah Owaraga) pays rent for.

There is actually a larger dispute in court which Mzee Adoa is now being accused of not being patient about. Led by Norah Owaraga, majority of the other siblings dragged Mzee Adoa to court claiming the document he kept insisting to be their late father’s will wasn’t authentic. The Norah Owaragas contended (and still are) that the inauthentic document referred to property which Eng GW Owaraga (their father) bequeathed to his wives and children when still alive and there is no way the same can be captured in his purported will as being part of his estate which the disputed heir claims to be responsible for. It’s that and other contention that prompted Norah to lead other siblings to refer the matter to court for some conclusive resolution.

As of now everyone in the family is appalled as to why Mzee Adoa, who is a lawyer himself, can’t have the patience to respect and wait for the court process to have the last word regarding the deceased’s will and the estate referenced upon. Mzee Adoa is also accused of demanding to have total control of the deceased’s estate without adequately catering for the rest of the siblings and widows. Besides heading CPAR, Norah Owaraga also does some presumably voluntary work for FM 90 Radio One who’s Friday extended Spectrum program she hosts every week. She features big names like Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Nicolas Opio, Asuman Basalirwa, Mike Kennedy Sebalu and others. It always airs from 7-9pm.   (For comments on this story, call, text or whatsapp us on 0705579994, 0779411734, 0200900416 or email us at



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